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MGart is a new and cutting-edge line of products, produced in Europe, and developed from the experience of professional nail artists from around the world.

Highest Quality, completely Non-Toxic, Maximum ease, beautiful and Long-lasting results.
Product quality

    Ease of Use 
        Curing Speed
            Perfect Adhesion
                Non-Toxic Formula

We have collected the best technology from around the world to develop the perfect nail gels.  


Medium gel thickness helps you to achieve perfect self-leveling


Unique formula designed to increase strength and reduce burning sensation during curing  


Ergonomic design of containers and ideal handle shape provides you with maximum comfort and control during application


Fast polymerization without oxygen makes it ideal for working with Dual Forms 




Beautiful assortment of colors, developed based on the preferences of thousands of clients and hundreds of nail artists


​We put all our efforts and knowledge into giving our customers the best quality product.

We want our products to satisfy you in every aspect.

We strictly control each stage of production – from selection of components, technologies, and devices to the design and manufacturing of our packaging.

Our product has been created over the years and worked out to the smallest detail.

The highest quality for real professionals


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