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It is fantastic, but the texture of the coating after hardening looks the same as a regular nail. Therefore, it is not always possible to distinguish a natural nail plate from an artificial one. But such result can be achieved if the work is done using high-quality material.

This gel also solves the eternal problem of most girls - brittle nails. Many of us try to grow their long nails, but few succeed. And here - two hours of work of the technician, and the girl becomes the owner of long nails of an ideal shape.

Often camouflage coating is used as a remedy. If the nails need to be reanimated after removing the gel polish, you can use a camouflage. It strengthens the plate and, importantly, allows air to pass through.

When else would you need a camouflage gel?

Extension. The advantage of extensions with camouflage gel is naturalness. The material adheres securely to the native nail, so the joint is almost impossible to notice.

Repair. If a crack has formed on the nail or a corner has broken, the gel will fill the damaged area.

Strengthen. In the price lists of beauty salons, you can find the mysterious item " the nail strengthening." It is done with the help of a camouflage gel. It creates an extra layer, making it much harder to break the nail.

Popular camouflage gels

The MGart online store offers a wide range of camouflage gels which can satisfier any desire. Here you can choose different shades:

  • Nude;

  • Dark nude;

  • Rose nude;

  • Pink;

  • Milky White

The listed colors of camouflage gels are very popular among nail technicians. Thanks to a large range of shades, techs can choose them, taking into account the client's skin tone. Nude and dark nude gels are ideal for swarthy girls, and pink and rose shades will look harmonious on pale skin.

Camouflage gel is great to work with dual forms. It is perfectly cured in the lamp, looks as natural as possible.

But to do everything at the highest level, you can choose combinations of camouflage gel colors and gel polish. Here are some examples of such work:

  • Structure Building gel Nude + gel polish color 55

  • Structure Building gel Pink + gel polish color 54

  • Structure Building gel Rose nude + gel polish color 55

  • Structure Building Gel Milky white + gel polish color 52

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