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Structure Gel or rubber gel base: in which case what to choose?

In fact, this is not a very simple question that interests not only clients, but also nail service technicians.

Structure gel and rubber gel base are two different materials that essentially have the same goal: to give nails a well-groomed look for a long time. In addition, they are great friends with each other. When do you need structure gel?

Structure Gel for strengthening and modeling is a material that becomes very hard and resistant to stress after polymerization for a long time.

When a nail technician is faced with the choice between structure gel and rubber gel base, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the nails and the needs of the client:

1. If natural nails are weakened, brittle, thin and exfoliating, structure gel strengthening will help to make the nail plates stronger and protect them from damage. In addition, the structure gel will restore broken corners. MGart Structure building Gel is the gel that not only creates an attractive appearance, but also restores the healthy state of “native” nails thanks to its innovative formula.

2. If there are spots and irregularities on the surface of the nail plates, gel alignment is necessary. MGart Camouflage structure gels, such as Structure Building gel Dark Nude, ideally mask defects in the plate and correct its color. However, you can choose from the variety of beautiful natural colors.

3. If the length of the nails is minimal or absent, and the client wants nails of a certain length and shape, gel extensions on tips or forms are necessary. In this case, structure gel is the best decision and the best choice.

Difference between structure gel and rubber base

Unlike structure gel, we cannot demand from rubber base to strengthen damaged nails or to create the desired length. Rubber base is a combination of polymer gel and regular polish, after hardening it is softer than structure gel. But it is obviously ideal in case the client is satisfied with the shape of the nails and natural nails are not thickened and damaged.

So, after the nail technician makes up the decision which material to choose (Structure gel or Rubber base) to strengthen the nails you can proceed to the coating.

MG art color gel polish is a long-term color coating that gives space for creativity! There are already more than 100 shades in the MGart gel polish palette, and limited collections with the most fashionable colors are regularly released. With gel polishes, you can create solid colors and crazy nail designs in all colors.

Try amazing colors, feel the pleasure of working with them, from the incredible variety of designs, from the pigmentation of colors. Our technologists have invested all their knowledge and experience to make the color gel polish extremely easy to use!

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