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COLOR GEL POLISH " 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 READY!!!"

In the beauty industry, the creation of gel polish has become one of the best developments of the new century. Introduced in 2010, a symbiosis of modeling gel and varnish called gel polish revolutionized the nail art.

Failure to follow the technology of applying gel polish will lead to its peeling off in the first few days after the procedure. One of the main points in manicure is the preparation of the nail plate for applying gel polish.

The initial stage in working with gel polish

• Shape the nail.

• Using a soft file, remove the glossy layer of the nail, make it matte. Try not to overdo it in this procedure: the nails become thinner, brittle and sensitive. Therefore, do not press too hard on the file.

• Clean your nails of dust.

Step 1 Primer

Use a primer. In the case of gel polishes, the primer can be acid-free (it is more gentle). The primer is applied to the entire nail.

Step 2 Base Coat

The base layer in gel polish is of primary importance. How long a manicure will last in perfect condition depends on its quality.

The base coat is responsible for the adhesion of the molecules of the artificial material and the cells of the natural nail. Its functions include not only strengthening the nail, but also protecting the nail plate from coloring pigments of the color coating.

Try to apply the base coat in a thin layer without touching the skin of the nail. After application, dry in LED lamp.

Step 3 Color Gel Polish

When applying Color gel polish, you can show all your fantasy. The range of colors and textures of gel polishes is huge and is constantly expanding. More and more bright new items appear on the market. Among the most popular today, MGart products can be distinguished, pleasing with new collections.

Before applying color gel polish, shake the bottle so that the color is applied evenly. Apply gel polish in a thin layer. To get an even, rich color, cover the nail with 2 layers of gel polish. Dry each layer in the lamp in accordance with the time limits indicated in the instructions and on the packaging.

Step 4 Top Coat

The top coat of gel polish is necessary to give the manicure shine and color fastness. The top coat can be applied in a thicker layer than the previous ones. But it also requires more thorough drying. With a poor-quality top coat, your manicure will not look perfect.

If you fulfill all the requirements for working with gel polishes, you can become the owner of a luxurious, durable manicure.

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