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Primer - we all know about its properties. Today we will analyze the most famous myths about it

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Myth 1. Acid-free - does it contain acid?

Of course contains! In the acid primer the content of acids is up to 96 percent!!! However, in acid-free, its content should not exceed 30 percent.

Myth 2. The more primer the better.

Apply primer only in a thin layer, with a semi-dry brush. Otherwise, this may lead to further peels off of the material.

Myth 3. Primer may be applied on the cuticle.

If primer enters this zone, there may be leaks of material and peels off in the future.

Myth 4. Primer is hazardous to your health.


  • Acid-free primer does not lead to pH imbalance and does not penetrate into the deep layers of the nail plate, so it is safe for skin and nails.

  • Acid-free primer is also suitable for creating various designs: you can print foil on it, fix sliders and even make stamping.

  • Primer MG art is easily and evenly applied with a brush from a bottle, quickly dries.

  • Acid-free primer MG art is able to prevent peels off of the material from the nail plate. It creates a sticky layer on the surface of the nail plate and improves the adhesive properties of the coating.

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